Are you ready to start living life the way you envision? The World is screaming for anything that is authentic. The world needs YOU, yes you. So stop settling and start dreaming. Today is the day you begin to paint a new future for yourself.

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Welcome to the world of Sean Holland; Musician, Pastor, Life Coach. A man of Faith, a husband of 21 years and a father of 4 who has pioneered people to pursue their dreams and discover their destiny. Sean has mentored entrepreneurs, millennials, worship leaders, pastors, and others seeking to pursue destiny.
Sean has stepped out into who he is, celebrating, and sharing the many gifts that he has within. Many know him as Pastor Sean Holland, Some know him as Dr. Holland and then some just know him simply as Sean. No matter the title or position he has carried he has always been Sean Holland.
Today Sean is excited to re-introduce the many gifts he has been given; musician, pastor, and life coach. Whether you have identified him as one of those or all three, to the world he is Sean Holland. A man who will not settle for good when great is still available.
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Are you ready to discover your true Identity? Ready to experience life in a whole new way, absent of pain, sickness, and issues? A life where focus is on the future and not the present situation.

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