I read a quote the other day that said, “The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, and the second best time to plant a tree is today!”
This quote speaks to one’s ability to change the face of tomorrow. I know that is hard to believe for some people but think about it for a second. Tomorrow will come for everyone. We have all been told that tomorrow is not promised. This is not all together true. All we have is today and tomorrow. We have also been told that we should learn from the past. We spend so much time and energy trying to listen to the past. What is your past teaching you? While you pondering that question, there are those who are busy planting trees for their future.

Why should you begin to plant today? There are 4 reasons why you should plant today.

One, trees supply the necessary shade and refuge from tomorrow’s hardships. Tomorrow will come with its fair share of problems and challenges and we all will need a place of rest. Many homes around the world are built from trees. In fact, Noah built an Ark that protected his family from the worst storm of his day. So start planting the financial seeds that will protect you and your family.

Two, trees provide the fruit to satisfy tomorrow’s hunger. It takes most fruit trees 3-5 years before the first fruit shows up. Some things take time and we need to decide today what and how we will eat tomorrow. God gave us the power to decide tomorrow’s menu. Those who don’t plant must eat off of the plate of the diligent and generous.

Three, trees provide the revenue necessary to meet tomorrow’s financial demands. We have been told that money doesn’t grow on trees but it DOES! Where does money come from? Every person should desire to establish multiple streams of income. We cannot continue to eat all that we plant. What we don’t eat we must sell and to ensure that nothing under our harvest goes to waste.

Four, trees beautify the landscape of your vision. Wouldn’t it be nice to look out over your life and enjoy the fruit of your labor? How often do things work out like you planned? Often times, we find ourselves living in a nightmare vs. a dream. Your dreams can become a reality. The biblical account of creation records that God was pleased at his work at the end of each day. God said, “This is Good”. Start planting today so that you can enjoy life to it fullest!