[dropcaps] R [/dropcaps] elationships are key to going to the next level in your life. Relationships are like jobs, they must be worked in order to function properly. Relationships are like stocks, they require time to mature and so that they can produce a return to the investor. Your tomorrow is deeply impacted by how you manage relationships today. This has been a constant personal struggle for me over the years.

After I graduated from College I moved to Michigan and I was super excited to finally start building my life. My career ambitions did not afford me the time nor interest to develop quality relationships. My career ambitions fed my arrogance and my entire focus was on ME! The tragedy was that I had good friends who were simply awesome. The problem was ME, I was not a good friend.

There are 5 KEYS to being a good friend that I would like to share.
A “Good Friend”, can SENSE changes in your life without ever being told. How close are you really to your friends? Can you sense when things aren’t going well with them? Do you spend time being updated about key events and circumstances in their life? Being close to someone is feeling them and being aware of their GPS location.
A “Good Friend”, can SPEAK a word during times of challenge that will encourage. Many of us have friends like the biblical character Job. His friends were so disconnected that couldn’t even talk when Job was going through the worse storm of his life. Good friends are never mute in your life.
A “Good Friend”, can help SUPPLY your needs. They don’t mind giving. As a matter of fact, they have a special reserve for you. If they don’t have money they have time. A Good Friend will be deliberate in making moves to ensure you get what you need. I love how they don’t keep score of what they gave last time. Good friends see themselves as supply in your life. Whose supply are you?
A “Good Friend”, can SETTLE your spirit and help you focus on what is most important in life. They will not allow you to go off course. Good friends take your success personal and will serve as a strong layer in your foundation.
A “Good Friend”, will STRETCH you. They will not allow you to settle for anything that is beneath you. They know your value and will push you to new levels and positive experiences. A good friend will cause your expectations to increase. Lastly, a good friend will stretch you spiritually. They are able to see the God in you, and motivate you to walk in the fullness of your God given identity.

WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU? Check out the video of Forrest Gump as you ponder these points.Forrest Gump – I Gotta Find Bubba – WingClips HIGH