Thomas Aquanis

“Magnanimous people concern themselves with achieving great and hard-won acts of virtue…”

I read this quote and it make me think about my own personal life.  I asked myself, “Do I always present the real me or some cheap fake version of who I really am?  Do I alter my performance and dummy down my gifts and talents to not offend the weak around me.  People who are carried away with being well thought of and praised are missing the purpose of life.  Who we are isn’t always agreeable to everyone.  If we allow the praise of people to take precedence in our motives then we are useless to this world.  The awful result of failing to be a magnanimous person leads to an empty existence subject to the perceptions of fickle people.  Are you a magnanimous person?

3 Signs You are a “MAGNANIMOUS” PERSON


A “Magnanimous” person is FOCUSED.  Do you focus on accomplishing the things God has called you to?  Many times we are busy trying to please everybody else while the most important assignments go unattended.  God has a equipped every human with the basics to accomplish the purpose for which we were created.  We must invest in ourselves and strengthen ourselves to ensure success.  You become what you focus on.  If you spend most of your time complaining about what you don’t have then you will suffer lack and depression.  If you want to accomplish greater, focus on greater.


A “Magnanimous” person is a HEAD TURNER.  A magnanimous person turns the thoughts of others towards the glory of God.  A magnanimous person is hard to miss.  When you see them, you must acknowledge that there is a divine element working with them.  They have a measure of grace to accomplish the extraordinary.   They help others see the God in them and inspire them to move forward in their own magnanimity.  When you see them, you see God.  I once went to hear the infamous Patti Labelle live in concert.  I was amazed at how she executed her talent with excellence.  She was confident and her presence bigger that life.  She was more than just a great singer or performer but something undefinable.  She ended the concert that night with “Amazing Grace”.  Her close made her magnanimous.  Every person in the theater that night was standing on their feet looking up to God.


A “Magnanimous” person is “AUTHENTIC”.  Are your accomplishments real?  In other words, have you fabricated your resume to impress others?  There is a real pressure in the world today to present yourself greater that you really are.  I have found great liberty in telling the truth!  The accomplishments of a magnanimous person generates genuine “awe”.  Their accomplishments are real and worthy to be noted.  Be proud of who you are and work everyday to understand the “Y” in YOU.  God wants to use you to change a life, a company or a world.  The world needs YOU!