LIFE is a daily gift from God. Our Heavenly Father intricately designs each day, so don’t just rip the wrapping off. Slow down and enjoy the challenges like kid on Christmas. Often times we get so frustrated, we fail to unpack all of the blessings of each day. In fact, many of us have 1/2 opened blessings pilled up! Go get your blessings.

Enjoy unwrapping today with people you love and who love you.

  • When we worry about tomorrow, we drain ourselves of today’s joy. Use your energy to stay positive today. Have a great day :)
  • Today, I refuse to allow my short-term circumstances and people to shut me up. My breakthrough is in my mouth. They told blind Bartemaus to shut up! But he shouted JESUS louder!!! Praise promotes the Promise. The blind man couldn’t see but he could holla! Use what you have until Jesus heals the rest.
  • Don’t let your problems or your situations be the loudest voice in your life today. Silence your circumstances with the authority of God’s Word.