Sometimes life is like Flight 307. Flight 307 took an unexplained divergent turn away from its destination. I’m so glad Jesus knows how to find us when we get lost. Stay on course folks!

Never give up on your dreams and visions for your life. I know it gets challenging at times but keep pressing. Never quit!
Have you ever felt like a piece of bait? Life just keeps taking a bite out of you. Please surround yourself with those who are excellent. Those who can help you and not hinder you. I want to help people succeed.

“I’m not supposed to be here.” This statement by Lebron hit me like a ton of bricks. People try to keep you in a place of failure and criticize you because you re-position yourself for success. My trials have helped me to see I can’t please people not matter what I do. Pleasing God is most important. Make the choice to move forward. Who’s ready?

I’m standing here looking at the landscape of my life. This storm blew through and broke up everything and nothing is as it was. The storm tore up the ship but we all made it to shore.