I have been teaching on relationships for some time now. Often times, relationships can get confusing. We say we love each other and many use the word “love” as if it replaces “like”. What do you mean when you use the word love? We need to be clear on the words we say. Our words convey different messages to the listener. More importantly, words are keys to a persons heart. If you want to know where a person sees a relationship going, listen to their words. A relationship of any kind that lacks clarity of pace, meaning of words and destination will invariably struggle. Take today and analyze your intimate relationship(s) with the following guide.

There are 3 general components to love as some have identified:
1) Passion – A strong desire for another person, and the expectation that sex with them will prove physically rewarding. You define sex as you see it:)
2) Intimacy – The ability to share one’s deepest and most secret feelings and thought with another.
3) Commitment – The strong conviction that one will stay with you regardless of the cost.

There are 7 Forms of LOVE
1) Liking – Intimacy but no passion or commitment
2) Infatuation – Passion, but no intimacy or commitment
3) Empty LOVE – Commitment, but no passion or intimacy
4) Romantic LOVE – Intimacy and passion but no commitment
5) Fatuous LOVE – Commitment and passion but no intimacy
6) Compassionate LOVE – Commitment and Intimacy but no passion
7) Consummate LOVE – Commitment, Intimacy and Passion

What Kind of LOVE do you have? Answer back!!